Digital Memory and the Archive

a new collection of pieces for solo cello, composed for Neil Heyde of Royal Academy of Music, London. Works include Bacchante (2015, premiered at Wilton's Hall, London, on 7 December 2015) and You know I'm yours (2015-16). 

New York Mikrophon

a new series of works based on a microtiming of Glenn Gould's recording of Schoenberg's Six Little Piano Pieces, op. 19 (1911), made at 30th Street Studio, New York, on 28-29 September 1965. The microtiming includes Gould's singing and moaning, as well as numerous chair-creaks and pedal sounds. einem Zwischenkreis

a work-in-progress song-cycle on Paul Celan's translations of poems by Emily Dickinson. Selections from the cycle performed by Sarah Pelletier and Lois Shapiro at "Circumference Between: Singing Celan Translating Dickinson", Harvard University, Paine Hall, 28 March 2016.


Another woman of another kind

a new work for flute and eight voices for Claire Chase and Roomful of Teeth based on texts by Paul Griffiths. Premiered at The Kitchen, New York City, on 1st and 2nd December 2016.