for violoncello

composed for Neil Heyde

duration: ca. 10 minutes

based on a microtiming by Olivier Senn of Debussy's 1913 Welte-Mignon recording of his own prelude "... Danseuses de Delphes". The prelude itself was inspired by Debussy's viewing of a replica of the Acanthus Column in the Louvre, in which three bacchantes — females followers of Bacchus — are sculpted atop a central column. 

In addition to a première during the 2015-16 season, this work is to be recorded by Neil Heyde in September 2015 in various spaces, including an anechoic chamber, as part of a recording project called 'Hyper-production', led by Simon Zagorski-Thomas with Amy Blier-Carruthers, Agata Kubiak and Andrew Bourbon.

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