unaccompanied solo work in various editions for various instruments

after Jorinde VOIGT: Symphonic Area Var. 19 [WV 2009-132] & The Landing (Cavallini-Algorithmus) Now (1), (2) Rotationsrichtung 1-4 Umdrehungen/ Tag Egomotion Horizont Ausrichtung Erdmittelpunkt Ausrichtung oben Heute → ∞ Gestern → ∞ [WV 2017-040], and based on Martha ARGERICH: Chopin, Prélude op. 28/4, Munich, October 1975 [DG 415 836-2]

version for flute solo: dedicated to Claire Chase
version for clarinet solo: dedicated to Carl Rosman
version for bassoon solo: dedicated to Rebekah Heller
versions (two) for piano solo: dedicated to Mark Knoop
version for violin solo: dedicated to Peter Sheppard Skærved
version for viola solo: dedicated to Clifton Harrison
version for violoncello solo: dedicated to Neil Heyde (also part of  Digital Memory and the Archive)

duration: ca. 7  minutes

premiere of the version for violin solo: Peter Sheppard Skærved, St Clement Danes, London, 2nd March 2018

VOIGT The Landing Cavallini-Algorithm WV 2017-040.jpg
VOIGT Symphonic Area Var. 19 WV 2009-132.jpg